Who We Are

We are a group of cat lovers who has built up teamwork to help Beijing stray cats and dogs and set up in 2001 , since then, we have helped several hundreds cats to be re homed into happy families.

What we do

1.For stray cats

TNR( Trapped Neutered & Returned ) program

  • Helping injured cats:
    -White cat with mouth injury:

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-Here is DaHuang, he needed a lot of medical attention:

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-White cat with a dead leg:

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  • – Helping cats find new homes through adoption

2.For stray dogs
–  TNR( we have been helping stray dogs in the rural area for neutering, to improve their living quality )
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-Monthly meetup

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-Community Events

Girl scout at 3E international school: girls sold their homemade cookie in the campus and made donation to
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