How to Adopt

Before beginning: Please read the guardian promise.

Step One: If, after reading the promise, you feel you’re ready to be a true “guardian,” then please fill out adoptionsurvey, send to after filling in. thanks

Step Two: We will go through a double checking progress, which will take about 1-2 weeks to fulfill:

a. Will talk about how to select cat food, daily feeding and some basic cat daily caring topics.

b. Will include 10 lists of questions to finish.

Step Three: If all goes smoothly, please download this adoption agreement which will need to be assigned before adoption and pay the adoption fee before the cat’s arrival.

a. There is a two week trial period, if fails for any reason, you can return the cat to us and we will return the adoption fee to you, but if after the first two weeks, you may still return the cat but there is no refund.
b. If the adoption and integration of the cat into your home is smooth, we will remove the cat from adoption page.

Friendly reminders:

1. If you are from a foreign country, our adoption agreement will request you to take your adopted cat when leave. Please check the cost and regulation relevant before adoption progress.

2.Food selection – We found there are some people though they have many years of cat care experience, selected the wrong food from the beginning and caused the cat to become ill. To avoid such cases for any cat from, we need the applicants to learn how to select the right cat food and how to feed the cat with dry or wet food that will be healthy for them. Just as new parents of a child may need to learn a lot to properly care for their child, same for taking care of cats. Everybody says they love cats, but it is better to show your true love with responsibility starting from selecting Right Food.

Every penny saved from food will finally return to vet.

We welcome all applicants who are truly love caring for cats.

3.No Hutong adoption, as the cat easily goes out and can be lost.

4.No Young kids ( under 10 years old ) adoption, it’s not healthy to both kids and cats.

If any above isn’t workable to you, then please select a cat from other resources.

No problem!

If any think the above is workable, then we will move on for the adoption procedure.