Ghost, a boy cat is looking for new home!

Ghost,  a 3 years old boy,neutered& vaccinated (just updated) with microchipped and has full medical record available at vet. He is even fully ready for travel just needs his travel documents.

He was adopted  when he was about 7 weeks old and has been a inhouse cat since then.  He has moved houses with last Mom a few times and adjusted pretty easily adjusted a day or two.

He is very playful, loves to eat, run around and can tolerate brushing, having nails clipped and being washed. Can have some discipline problems when it comes to scratching furniture and chewing on plants so suggest a home that doesn’t mind some wear and tear from cat ownership. Good with other cats (not sure about dogs/ other animals). Ghost is very curious and intelligent and is able to open handle type of doors. (suggestted a home with doors are knobs or has a deadbolt that doesn’t allow easy opening of the door)

Ghost is a big strong cat and loves to eat and so can be a bit overly persistent in being fed in the morning with meowing. ( food bag cannot be left out in open because he will be a pig and tear it open and eat it)
He has white hair that sheds frequently so the new family must be able to handle cat hair. Otherwise, I think what Ghost really needs is a family that can give him lots of attention and love. He is good with other cats and loves to wrestle and play (with both cats and humans).