Urgent!Teamimi&Truffle are looking for rehoming together by end of May


They are both around 7 years old, neutered/vaccinated, healthy and active, ready for adoption.

Mimi is a small brown cat with very soft fur.  She loves to chat and adores people.  Mimi loves to be cuddled and stroked, she is good with strangers and loves to sit on someone’s lap.  She is lively and bright, and likes to sunbathe.

Truffle is a larger grey cat with lovely thick fur.  She is shy with strangers but very sweet and affectionate with those she knows.  She also likes to talk, loves to be brushed, and loves to be stroked.  She likes to chase laser lights around the floor and play with her cat toys.

Mimi and Truffle are like sisters, they sleep together, groom each other, and hang out together.  They are both energetic and alert.

Both cats have been spayed and have had a full medical check-up at vet.  They have had rabies and feline distemper shots.

If interesed, please contact scarlett@beijingcat.org/18610479447